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Travel Classics - Our Mission
Our purpose is simple: to preserve and celebrate the BEST WRITING ABOUT THE BEST PLACES ON EARTH! By collecting classic stories, inspiring new works, and encouraging writers to give of their best, we support our mission, most importantly via Travel Classics: The Magazine, the Travel Classics Library, and Travel Classics Conferences.

Travel Classics Writers Conferences
For over a decade, Travel Classics Writers Conferences have worked as an important networking, marketing, and mentoring venue for a select segment of the travel media. The number of spaces available for participants and speakers is always limited (usually to 35 and 12, respectively) to encourage high-quality, productive exchanges between writers and editors. Travel Classics Conferences alumni make valuable contacts which translate into assignments with some of the best travel publications in the country. This website is an extension of the physical writer-editor community. Here you'll find details on upcoming events, conference alumni, new books by TC attendees, and conference sponsors; see the conferences section.

Travel Classics: The Magazine Presented quarterly, the new-and-improved Travel Classics: The Magazine delivers first rate entertainment for the armchair traveler. Past issues have included features on China, Australia, Italy, Japan, and Germany. These are real travel stories by real explorers, who just happen to be some of the top writers in their field -- wonderful narratives that illuminate regions of the world by artful storytelling. You'll read up-and-coming writers as well, including the winners of the Travel Classics Writers Contest.

Travel Classics Library
A treasure trove of timeless features, the Travel Classics Library showcases the best travel writing anywhere. Here you'll learn from Fred Ferretti, twice Pulitzer Prize nominated New York Times reporter and creator of Gourmet Magazine's column, "A Gourmet at Large," what it means to be a New Yorker post 9/11, in My New York. You'll read from legendary ABC producer, Doug Wilson, about how it feels to cover the Olympics in a terror-changed world, in Sounds of Sarajevo. From Eunice Fried, author of the award-winning Burgundy: The Country , The Wines, The People, you'll taste the world's best wines and spirits. And this is only the beginning . . . with over 100 articles organized by author and region, there are countless experiences and perspectives from which to choose.

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