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Seafood alla Siciliana:
Recipes and Stories from a Living Tradition

by Toni Lydecker

Seafood alla SicilianaSeafood alla Siciliana explores a rich tradition of food, ranging from pastas to soups to whole-baked fish. In-depth information on Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic seafood used in Sicilian cooking, along with practical suggestions for seafood alternatives available to North American cooks make Sicilian seafood accessible to all. The history, techniques, and recipes behind Sicilian seafood come alive for the first time in this beautifully photographed book.

Seafood alla Siciliana was named Food & Wine magazine's "Best of the Best" 2009 Cookbooks Recipe Collection, led the list of best new Italian cookbooks in Cucina Italiana magazine, and has been featured in the Washington Post, Boston Globe, and Denver Post.

"This thoughtful and original volume contains wonderful historical information, valuable touring advice (should you find yourself traveling to Sicily) and a real appreciation for the distinctive cuisine. While the recipes capture the soul of Sicily, they are entirely workable in an American kitchen."
-Erica Marcus, Newsday

"Toni Lydecker's informative and fresh collection of recipes from home cooks and restaurant chefs demonstrates that Sicilians have impressive range when it comes to foods of the sea. We stand confident that our customers are not overwhelmed by too many recipes for white anchovies with parsley and hot pepper, mussel and mushroom salad with semolina croutons, or softshell crabs with saffron orzo."
-Kitchen Arts & Letters
Tonu LydeckerSeafood alla Siciliana:
Recipes and Stories from a Living Tradition

Toni Lydecker, author
Lake Isle Press, September 2009
ISBN 1891105426

About the Author:
Toni Lydecker is a journalist and cookbook author whose articles on food and culinary travel have appeared in many publications, including Wine Enthusiast, Cooking Light, Fine Cooking, Health, Plate, Executive Traveler, the Washington Post, and She is the author of Serves One: Simple Meals to Savor When You're on Your Own (Lake Isle Press, 2005).




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