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Travel Classics International 2016

Bern and Lucerne, Switzerland
May 18-22, 2016

Registration is now open!

Conference and Accommodations Fees:

Early Bird (until January 15, 2016): $1445
- includes conference fee, all meals, and four nights single room
Early Bird (until January 15, 2016): $1172.50
- includes conference fee, all meals, and shared room*
After January 15: $1545 and $1272.50, respectively (depending on availability)
Deposit only: $800
Spouse/Guest: $800 (includes shared room)

  • First Class train transportation from Zurich Airport to Bern
  • 4 nights accommodations
  • 4 scheduled breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
  • Refreshments during 4 scheduled breaks
  • All evening activities (including transportation to and from offsite events)
  • First Class Swiss travel pass: 8-days free public transportation within Switzerland
Not included:
  • Airfare
In Bern you'll stay at one of two hotels: In Lucerne, you'll stay at:

Travel Classics Writers Conferences:

There's no better way to stay in the loop of major magazine markets, as you enhance your career with great writing assignments. Travel Classics is unlike any other conference on Earth.

Conference features:

  • Presentations by 14-18 top magazine editors
  • One-on-one consultations with 6-8 editors
  • Workshop and consultations with 2 book agents
  • Transportation to all offsite events
  • Exposure on in Alumni News and TC Authors Section

  • Conference Schedule
    Thursday tours (6 options)
    Pre- and Post-Conference Tours
    Bern flower market on the Federal Square.
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    The River Aare attracts thousands of water lovers between Thun and Bern in summer.
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